Class Descriptions

At SoniYoga our focus is on Hatha Yoga, the root of all asana-based yoga practices. “Ha” means "sun" and “tha” means "moon" so Hatha yoga is commonly translated as the yoga that brings union of opposites. Sometimes Hatha Yoga is also translated as the "forceful yoga", because it can require the most physical exercises of all yoga types. Hatha Yoga is certainly the yoga that is the best known in the West, which is probably why so many definitions of Hatha Yoga exist.

Exercising postures, or Asanas, in Hatha Yoga has two essential objectives. The first objective of  asanas is to bring health and energy to the body and the mind. When these exercises are performed regularly our health is preserved and strengthened, and the path of hatha yoga is opened. Mastering of postures is not the objective in itself, though mastering  postures certainly strengthens the power of will and concentration.

The second and more important objective is to prepare to practice meditation. Real meditation requires us to be able to relax the body and focus the concentration or inner gaze for extended periods of time. Posture practice prepares us for this and provides a better the basis for developing the inner meditation techniques.

We are also delighted to be able to offer classes in Restorative and other yoga styles. All classes are intended to be accessible to all levels of students. Advanced students can learn new things even in a basic class, and new students will benefit from seeing more experienced students practice. So choose which ever type of yoga class your body, your mind or your spirit is calling for today. Come, smile, grow.

We have the following classes which vary in intensity and focus.

Hatha - Level 1: This yoga class slows down the pace of a regular Hatha class and breaks down poses in order to focus on the Basics: breath, alignment and bandhas. Breath is our life force, and alignment keeps our bodies safe in postures. Sun Salutation postures are performed slowly, with conscious awareness to detail and alignment. In this yoga practice, you WILL work hard and sweat while releasing tightness and gaining strength and balance in a nurturing environment. Great for beginners and those with injury.

Hatha - All Levels: A broad spectrum yoga class appropriate for everyone, including beginners. More postures will be introduced and the class will move from one asana to another with vinyasas. There will be standing, seated and lying down postures; plus balance postures including arm balances and inversions. Breath and proper alignment based on your unique body structure will continue to be emphasized as you grow even stronger. Yoga stretching will be an integral part of every class with a period of meditation at the end.  

Iron Yoga : Iron Yoga is a truly unique practice that combines yoga poses with upper body weight training for a full body workout. It lets you reap the benefits of both yoga and weight training, with super fast results. While practicing some of your favorite standing and single leg balancing yoga asanas, you will incorporate light to moderate dumbbells to work your arms, shoulders, chest, back and core with over 25 different weight training exercises. The result is a full body shaping, toning and sculpting routine

Gentle and RestorativeYoga: This relaxing yoga class is open to everyone, as stretches are customized to each session’s attendees. As we learn to lengthen the time we hold our stretches, we gain the ability to release deep-rooted tension and rejuvenate our bodies. If we always just flow from one posture to another we only gain a partial stretch. Moving too quickly can also strain our joints and create undesirable contractions in our muscles. It takes time for our muscles to lengthen and achieve their maximum--or "Optimal"—flexibility.