Enrich Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is not just practiced on your mat and a yogic life involves more that postures and breath. At SoniYoga we will offer a variety of opportunities to grow your knowledge and understanding as, together, we explore the wide range of yoga opportunities.

We will regularly have music, or Kirtan, at the studio with local musicians to lead us. Kirtan is traditional Indian celebration music that you have to come experience.

We will do workshops lead by us, our teachers and amazing teachers from around the world on topics like meditation, the chakras, Ayurveda, eating right, healing your back and many, many more.

And we will offer you the chance to travel to exotic destinations and experience yoga at its source - the incredible India. We go to Rishikesh, the home of yoga, the Himalayas and to Kerela, the  home of Ayurveda.

If there is a topic you would like covered, just let us know.